Bug FixesImprovements

PDF Annotator

  • Various improvements to the new highlight hover menu - display rich text, handle images more effectively, and more.

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Fixed incorrect fire emojis on the top-left “You’re being productive” widget.

  • Fix timezone issues with daily streak charts.

  • Improved streak calculations to posthumously handle changing your daily target.

  • Fixed a rare issue where the daily target could be too low.

  • Fixed cards sometimes not propagating through deck topics.

  • Fixed occasional incorrect “stale” counts on the left sidebar.

  • Fixed a double scrollbar issue in the cloze popup menu when there are many clozes.

Tables Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Fixed sorting on the “checkbox” column.

  • Resolved popup width issues with the "add field" and "table configuration" popup.

  • Changed the default table cell list density to comfortable.

  • Fixed an issue where templates weren’t accessible in search.


  • Added a new rn-highlight-reference CSS target, with modifiers

  • Blocked plugin toast notifications spam.