1.12.48 (Beta)

Bugfixes & Polish

  • Moved "edit later" to a "below" property.

  • Fixed the "cmd+k" omnibar shortcut to open with rem selection.

  • Resolved backlinks not showing for inline linked rem.

  • Updated portal to always appear as an option for search portals.

  • Ensured properties don't transform into documents.

  • Improved deck reactivity.

  • Fixed issue where tables in list view didn't gather flashcards.

  • Enhanced undo functionality to prevent double undo on the desktop app.

  • Corrected mobile breadcrumbs to show only the name, not content.

  • Removed duplicate answer buttons for "type in answer" card.

  • Added "replace with text" option for deleted Rem references.

  • Ensured tables are read-only in articles.

  • Integrated keyboard shortcut support for the multi-select toolbar.

  • Restored focus to first child when focusing on the title while creating a PDF highlight.


1.12.47 (Beta)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the "Back of the card" display issue after typing with IME on mobile.

  • Enhanced the reference menu by not showing document previews on bottom/right properties.

  • Optimized editor performance for a smoother experience.

  • Rectified issues with the incremental everything plugin.

  • Strengthened the loading state of flashcards home for better reliability.

  • Fixed the keyboard closing unexpectedly when removing rems or merging with backspace on iOS.

  • Solved the issue of forgotten cards reappearing with revealed answers.

  • Made study buttons for documents with paused ancestors appear greyed out.

  • Added the missing avatar to the comment notification cell.

  • Improved deck organization by not nesting prioritized decks under no priority decks.

  • Fixed an issue where Date properties of a table at the 'At Bottom' disappeared.

  • Resolved the document shifting problem when a scrollbar is visible.


Bug FixesImprovements


  • Replaced the "like" feature with "upvote/downvote".


  • Fixed keyboard navigation for inline links.

  • Corrected the multi-select bolding issue.

  • Ensured the hyperlink popup doesn't auto-open after inserting.

  • Changed flashcard home sections to flashcard home tabs.

  • Removed the deck filter separator.

  • Improved the search input functionality.

  • Fixed issues with non-document sources in the collection of documents popup.

  • Prevented setting rem type on selecting delimiter info if rem is a slot property.

  • Enhanced the editor toolbar.

  • Optimized the sync experience on mobile further.

  • Fixed the issue of hidden ancestor docs getting hidden in the editor.

  • Resolved the upcoming card navigation issue.

  • Added a background color to the select option in table filters.

  • Improved the copying and pasting of highlights.


Bug FixesImprovements

Bug-fixes & Polish

  • Optimized sync batch to make mobile syncing even faster.

  • Improved line break functionality using shift + enter on iPad.

  • Added a button to hide ancestors in the queue.

  • Enhanced the visibility of the "Make Image Flashcards" button.

  • Fixed copy-paste issues in the definition column.

  • Improved list cell behavior when reverting from hidden rems.

  • Resolved issue where typing at the beginning of an empty multi-line card added a new item.

  • Fixed "Alt+Enter" functionality to add a new row below in tables, rather than breaking them.

  • Enabled "mod+/" and "mod+k" as keyboard shortcuts for the omnibar.

  • Fixed the select edit option popup from closing unintentionally.

  • Simplified the reference link menu.

  • Ensured all active cards appear at the front of the queue.

  • Enhanced computing speed for clusters in the queue.

  • Fixed an error with Anki import functionality.

  • Moved the option to convert Rem into bullets to a lab setting.


New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

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  • Fixed the home/end buttons so they now jumps to top or bottom correctly.e

  • Improved the reference backlinks UI for simplicity.

  • Fixed the drop animation and resolved drag preview issues.

  • Improved sidebar behavior by not showing hover style when an item is dragged.

  • Enhanced the invite credits process.

  • Fixed the community onboarding progress bar.

  • Made columns appear correctly in the portals.

  • Removed the "set learning priority" popup.

  • Fixed the issue of missing Rem in search after version 1.12.42.

  • Restored the "apply templates" button in the empty editor state.

  • Corrected rems with powerups that were incorrectly rendered as table cell list.

  • Enhanced the jump-back feature by filtering out non-studied docs in the carousel.

  • Renamed "configure" to "view stats".

  • Improved Zen mode by hiding the "create document" and "sub-folder" buttons.

  • Added tooltips to the toggle icon.


Bug Fixes


  • Reverted a change to show the β€œpractice” button on inline documents again.

    • Thank you for the feedback here! We’re trying to balance making RemNote easier & cleaner, without breaking workflows.

  • Improved search portal performance.

  • Fixed the issue where hyperlink rendering displayed parent.

  • Ensured the multi-line Rem toolbar doesn't appear multiple times.

  • Made sure hyperlink popup opens only when the hyperlink is clicked.

  • Hid the multi-select toolbar during dragging.

  • Resolved the issue with add link popup closing on iPad.

  • Increased the maximum search portal results.

  • Fixed a dark mode issue on the homepage.

  • Optimized card generation speed.

  • Eliminated unnecessary clicks on tables.

  • Resolved a deadlock issue.


Bug Fixes


  • Improved the upload speed for a snappier feel.

  • Improved search handling with parentheses.

  • Fixed how article views are displayed.

  • Fixed the upcoming cards chart for clarity.

  • Fixed the issue where copy-pasting font colors didn't work.

  • Improved the mouse-over effect on the document progress button.

  • Adapted the text reference deprecated message for older users.

  • Polished the school page feature for a smoother user experience.

  • Modified tabs in the "all notes" table to only display when there's content.

  • Reordered the plugin flashcard to appear sooner in the sequence.

  • Detached aliases from universal descriptors for better clarity.

  • Added a clearer error message for certificate errors in the web reader.

  • Introduced an image upload button and mobile image URL/upload popup for better accessibility.

  • Optimized the account capsule to utilize available space efficiently.

  • Fixed the flat list view to ensure proper collapsing.


Bug FixesImprovements


  • Documents in folders on the flashcard home now match the order they’re in in the editor.

  • Fixed adding references within top-of-document properties.

  • Improved community onboarding.

  • Made sure "Search All Notes" command doesn’t accidentally trigger in / commands.

  • Clarified the "view more" message on the flashcard home.

  • Fixed settings input issues on mobile.

  • Newly pasted images will now match the size of your previously pasted images.


Bug FixesImprovements


  • Fixed the "Copy as Plain Text" feature for box highlights.

  • Improved queue time tracking checkpoints.

  • Enhanced the slash menu keywords.

  • Fixed email verification issues.

  • Resolved the issue with generating cards not working with templates.

  • Fixed the inability to collapse portals.

  • Fixed issues with broken number filters.

  • Removed outdated blog links.

  • Resolved issues where the queue got stuck and wasn't loading.

  • Updated Chinese translations.

  • Fixed misalignment in the Group UI.

  • Rectified numbered list and bullet issues.

  • Fixed the "Open in Browser" function for PDF references on Electron.


Bug Fixes


  • Rem now automatically turn into documents when edited.

  • Removed the inline document study button.

  • Renamed "Open Rem" to "Open Document".

  • Improved dark mode visuals.

  • Hid the deck list tooltip on mobile.