1.9.41 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed an issue where adding a work-in-progress item inside an empty cloze would cause the cloze to be deleted.

    • Resolved a problem where right-clicking on selected text changed the selection and did not open the native context menu properly.

    • Disabled sticky headers on shared articles

    • Fixed issues with getting URL links on the desktop app.

    • Improved the appearance of the collapsed sidebar.

    • Improved calculations for the number of documents being synced.

    • Improved scrollbar layout on the sidebar.

  • Flashcard Home Beta

    • (Only available for flashcard beta testers)

    • Enhanced the deck page user interface.

    • Cleaned up the β€œStudy” button on the editor mobile devices.

    • Added new plugin method to get the number of cards in the main queue.

    • Fixed toggles not appearing on multi-line cards in the mobile queue for the new "toggles in queue" feature.

  • PDF Revamp Alpha

    • (Only available for pdf alpha testers)

    • Fixed an issue where incomplete text segments were copied in the right pane.


Bug Fixes


  • Flashcard Home Alpha

    • Flashcard home UI bug-fixes

    • Disable spell check type in answer box

    • Improve performance on the learning goals page

  • Many internal improvements



Bug FixesImprovements

  • Flashcard Home

    • (Only available for flashcard alpha testers)

    • Misc UI improvements: productivity widget, deck list, the top section on MacOS and more.

    • Fix issue with the \reset command in plugins

    • Move breadcrumbs to the top

  • PDF Revamp Alpha

    • (Only available for pdf alpha testers)

    • Remember the last highlight color, and use it as the default for new highlights

  • Content Sharing

    • Further improvements to the shared document page

    • Fix files sometimes not loading on the Desktop app.

    • Fix an issue with sign in on Android.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fix the app not loading on old iOS 14 devices.

    • Other internal fixes


New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

PDF Revamp Alpha:

  • (Only available for pdf alpha testers)

  • Addressed a bug with deleting highlights.

  • Fixed the issue of the popup not disappearing after deleting a highlight created with autohighlight.

  • Corrected the "escape" key behavior so it only closes the entire highlight popup when the notes popup is open after autohighlight.

  • Prevented the highlight color popup and notes popup from appearing simultaneously when pressing "h" then "n".

  • Allowed the highlight popup to be closed using the "escape" key.

Flashcard Home Alpha:

  • Added an popup in the sidebar that shows mastery level for cards in your global queue.

  • Implemented a loading state for the learning goals page with learning tips.

  • Tidied up and improved the ancestor disable menu.


  • Fixed the issue of the "New Slot" button appearing on every document.

  • Resolved the problem with zoom in/out causing the document title to get stuck.

  • Other internal polish.


Bug Fixes


  • Small bump to sync and search performance for a smoother experience.

  • Fixed the "Apply your credit" button for some users.

  • Beautified the user interface of the blank document default actions.

  • Resolved successful review handling in lookback mode after pressing "forgot".

  • Updated the deck carousel to display only decks with active cards.

  • Added a convenient "copy plain text" button on the PDF highlight popup with a "Ctrl + Shift + C" shortcut.

  • Introduced better animations for form inputs to make them more visually appealing.

  • Implemented a helpful tooltip when hovering over query deck topics.

  • Included a link to the leech threshold setting for easier access.

  • Organized the deck list by the number of active cards for better prioritization.

  • Corrected the "cmd+v" paste tooltip appearance to match existing user interface elements.

  • Various improvements to unreleased projects.

  • If you are using the flashcards home alpha, we made some changes to the daily learning goal on the backend so you will need to go to the learning goals page and set your daily learning goal.


Bug FixesImprovements

Bugfixes & Enhancements

  • Improved toggle rendering within the queue.

  • Fixed unsorted daily documents for some older entries.

  • Enhanced the deck loading experience with a better loading state after a refresh.

  • Introduced support for SEPA payments.

  • Optimized PDF highlighting performance.

  • Resolved issues with occasional image upload failures.

  • Corrected the leech interaction ignore button.

  • Added a shortcut for non-tag search toggling.

  • Implemented various miscellaneous fixes.

  • Flashcard home enhancements:

    • Refined the practice history chart for a smoother experience.

    • Addressed rounding issues and improved deck list loading.

    • Introduced a pause feature for deck popups.

    • Ensured the new state counts accurately.

    • Resolved issues with new cards not working in clusters.


New FeatureBug FixesImprovements


  • Collapsed bullets now automatically scale to show the number of descendants

  • Add 7 "pin" paste option to the paste menu

β€œFlashcard Home” Improvements

  • (Only available for alpha testers)

  • Fix some users getting stuck in the migration to the new database format

  • Improve "mastery level" tooltips

  • Improve the deck creation flow

  • Deck list search

  • Change the study button to appear on any documents with flashcards


  • Fix slots not appearing on the sort menu on search portals

  • Fixed issue with the Windows desktop app sometimes uninstalling itself on update

  • Fix portal breadcrumbs not appearing on daily documents

  • Fix Ctrl+shift+down on a multi-line card breaking the card (turning it into a single line card)

  • Fix drag scroll activating on wrong editor sometimes

  • Fix toggles in old shared docs

  • Fix triple-click selection issue on Firefox

  • Many fixes on unreleased projects



Bug FixesImprovements

Labs Features

  • The "Multi-Line Flashcards Toggle (Beta)" labs feature now has a new experimental behavior:

    • The toggles on the flashcard are separate from the toggles in your document; this allows you to precisely customize what appears on your flashcard.

    • Multi-line cards now default closed, to help guide you towards our best practice recommendation of creating shorter cards.

    • Nested list cards still default to open

    • Please share feedback here!


  • Fix inability to create highlights in some PDFs

  • Make it easier to select tags when adding tags to a document

  • More flashcard home chart improvements

  • Fix an issue with decks queues not loading



New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Improvements:

  • The new "Daily Learning Goal" page now helps you customize which decks are active, and add new decks

  • The new "Learning Progress" page shows you a variety of stats for your practice

  • After an initial 1-time caching period, card counts and decks should load extremely quickly

  • Active cards are now prioritized in the queue before "maintaining" cards

  • You can now view ancestors for each card in the β€œView or Disable Ancestors” option in the queue

  • You can now view all decks that a card is in, from the in-editor card popup

  • New labs setting to move "stale" cards to the back of your queue

  • Many other improvements


  • Fixed issues with uploading images on Safari

  • Improve copy for 'Delete All Rem' confirmation dialog

  • Misc other improvements



Bug FixesImprovements


  • Tag-search now only includes Rem that were previously used as tags. Extra Rem appear in a β€œshow extra Rem” section below.

  • New, cleaner UI for articles.

  • Added new graphs and fixed issues with flashcard home Stats.

  • Rebuilt PDF selection handling to make it smoother and work nicely on mobile devices.

Bugfixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed a problem where the keyboard shortcuts weren’t working on PDFs.

  • Fixed an issue where the help chat wasn't opening on Desktop.

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t login on Windows using Google.

  • Fixed the problem where users were unable to click on "turn into embed queue" for Eng 6218.

  • Set the minimum scroll thumb height.