Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • The β€œstudy” button now appears for top-level rem.

  • Cards now are ordered in the global queue by priority order of 'active', 'maintaining', and 'no priority'.

  • Fixed card priorities not propagating through tags / portals correctly.

    • This will require a 1-time migration process for all beta testers.

Tables Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Corrected the alignment of table sticky headers in zoomed-in table mode.

  • Improved the filter for "Custom Options" in a multi-select table column to return accurate results.

  • Enhanced the experience of creating new columns by automatically opening the column toolbar menu and focusing on the edit title input.

  • Fixed a reactivity issue where editing a cell caused the row to vanish.

  • Enhanced the table with the feature to add a row using key navigation.

  • Prevented the column configuration from opening after closing the backlinks popup on an inline template slot.

  • Fixed backlinks appearing in table cells


  • Fixed the quote function to only surround the content, not the entire descendants.

  • Resolved an issue with switching knowledge bases.

  • Improved search results on Firefox, ensuring they scroll into view with up/down arrows.

  • Improved command triggers to select the best match swiftly, even when typing at high speed.