New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

Tables & Collections Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Added a "View as table" button for tag lists.

  • Significantly optimized the loading of large tag lists and tables.

  • Fixed misaligned sticky headers during horizontal scroll.

  • Corrected excessive horizontal scrolling in tables.

  • Improved the functionality of query options.

  • Unified all names to "Properties".

  • Ensured compatibility of pre-1.9 templates with tables.

  • Introduced a "view all tags" slash command.

  • Migrated previous tables to collections.

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Fixed inaccurate card counts in the change status popup.

  • Standardized in-app flashcard terminology to "Practice".

Groups Alpha

  • Refined the user email invite flow.

  • Resolved scrolling issues in the groups list.

  • Improved the community publish flow.

  • Fixed missing images in shared document previews on the desktop version.


  • Introduced an image occlusion button directly on PDFs image highlights!

  • Added a dedicated PDF icon in the omnibar and All Notes.

  • Fixed file uploading issues on Electron.


  • Fixed the rare issue of the Windows app uninstalling itself for some users.

  • Corrected occasional issues with slash commands in the document title.