Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Removed power-ups from the suggested decks list.

  • Ensured that single clozes appear in the correct place in the “in-order” queue.

  • Grayed out paused “Study” buttons and added an explanatory tooltip.

  • Resolved an issue causing an unnecessary scrollbar to appear in the deck carousel.

  • Adjusted the initial selected deck based on whether you are in a subqueue or a global queue.

  • Added a flashcard home backlink and made the day cell fire icon appear only if the goal is met on the stats page.

  • Enhanced the "Decks In" dropdown

  • Enabled the delete deck popup to support query decks.

  • Fixed the old stats page to appear for all users.

  • Removed the "take a breath" checkpoint for smoother user experience.

  • Resolved the issue where the merge cloze popup was unable to scroll.

Groups Alpha

  • Resolved the issue with the Edit button.

  • Corrected an issue with groups containing Chinese characters.

  • Fixed an issue where the layout was inaccessible on mobile devices.


  • Fetched webpages are now cached, to ensure their content doesn’t change.

  • Fixed the "copy as plain text" function for Safari users.

  • Ensured the auto-highlight notes popup only appears when no editors are open.

Tables Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Improved the speed of adding a row in the middle of the table.


  • Fixed the quote block card item border extending too far.

  • Enhanced navigation to a Rem in the middle of a document.