Bug FixesImprovements

New Plugins

SmartBlocks: Run basic calculations from your Rem! Type /smart, then type your equation. Install here.

Readwise Sync: Sync highlights from Kindle with Readwise. Install here.

Bugfixes 🐞

  • Improved keyboard management on iPhone and iPad.

  • Improved popups, the sidebar, and UI on iPad.

  • Improved breadcrumbs on mobile to show more of the available space.

  • Improved the "Change Plan" button on the pricing page and made other pricing UI improvements.

  • Improved the "+" button on mobile.

  • Fixed issue where the 'syncing' indicator was incorrectly showing on mobile.

  • Improved performance for closing the queue.

  • Fixed issue where accidental image size editing occurred when scrolling.

  • Fixed issue where external keyboard detection was not triggering.

  • Implemented a better tag collection popup on mobile.