Bug FixesImprovements

New Plugins

  • Minimal Clozes - Modifies the appearance of clozes to look less obtrusive.

  • Rainbow Headers - Make your headers colorful and fun! This snippet allows you to add color to your headers. It also gives you 3 new header sizes to work with - Header 4, Header 5, and Header 6.

  • Minimal Portals - Gives portals a refreshing new look, and adds in some very minimal animations to really give you that zen feeling when working with them.


  • Added an option to go to specific documents on mobile.

  • Improved the top bar of PDFs on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the search function to crash on iPad due to memory issues.

  • Adjusted the padding of the flashcard editor on mobile.

  • Expanded the group of people who can receive the educational discount.

  • Fixed an error that incorrectly displayed a message about being unable to merge Rem due to power-up tags.

  • Made various improvements to the dark mode feature.

Plugin Endpoints

  • Added a KB plugin API namespace.