Bug FixesImprovements


  • Added a new dropdown in the formatting toolbar for easy customization!


  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard flickered when marking text on Android.

  • Fixed an issue where images were missing margin on the left in mobile view.

  • Fixed an issue where an empty line couldn't be added between two bullets when using the Apple Pencil.

  • Fixed an issue where writing with the Apple Pencil on the top search box sometimes caused the search box to open and close.

  • Fixed an issue with the sidebar's dragging reactivity.

  • Fixed an issue where tag pills were not visible when collapsed.

  • Fixed an issue where data disappeared while merging.

  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard did not hide when the document menu was open.

  • Fixed an issue where long rems were not properly scrolled into view.

  • Fixed an issue with an "edit later" message on mobile devices.

  • Fixed an issue where text disappeared on Android devices.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking toggles when the keyboard was focused on another element incorrectly brought focus back to the previous element.

Plugin Improvements for Developers

  • Added a new namespace for accessing knowledge base information. To access a user's knowledge base information, your plugin needs to add the KnowledgeBaseInfo permission scope in the manifest.json file. See the permission scope docs for more detail.

  • Added plugin.kb.getCurrentKnowledgebaseData and plugin.kb.isPrimaryKnowledgeBase methods

  • We now support uploading unlisted plugins for personal use. See the β€œunlisted” plugins docs for a guide on how to upload and install unlisted plugins.