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Labs Features

  • Multi-Line Flashcards include all Descendants (Beta)

    • Adds a toggle for items on multi-line flashcards so you can open their descendants. For newly created cards, all descendants of a multi-line card are now included by default.

    • We're strongly considering changing this to be the default behavior; please send us feedback!

    • Enable this feature in “Labs'“ in your settings.



  • Fixed a bug that caused search to get squished vertically.

  • Allowed support tickets to be run on mobile.

  • Fixed Message components rendering weirdly.

  • Fixed an issue where extra, weirdly named Rems were being created for PDFs.

  • Fixed images not loading correctly in plugin readmes.

  • Fixed an editor performance regression.

  • Made the edit later toolbar look nicer.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drop at the bottom of the document.

  • Fixed a bug where the drag indicator got stuck.

  • Fixed an issue with MacOS stoplights.

  • Various UI fixes for Flashcards home.

  • Fixed an issue with Anki import, and made it harder to select multiple sub-decks to import with shift clicking.

  • Fixed an issue where too many Rems were being selected in edit queue.

  • Fixed an issue where page numbers weren’t being displayed correctly after refreshing the PDF viewer.

  • Fixed the “auto-activate templates” powerup not always adding all children.

  • Fixed a bug causing spam notifications for "can't upload".

  • Fixed an issue where the PDF paywall wasn't showing correctly when "Upload PDF" was pressed.

  • Fixed an issue where typing >>> sometimes caused Rems to hide.

  • Fixed search portals and PDF fetching incorrectly getting blcoekd.


  • Themes and custom CSS now apply to plugin!

  • Added rn-work-in-progress-tag, rn-work-in-progress-portal, and rn-work-in-progress-rem

  • Added support for the cardId parameter for custom scheduler plugins.

  • Added a CSS preview tool to make writing themes easier!