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Waitlists - Make your voice heard on our upcoming projects!
We have a number of big projects in the works. These projects are still in alpha, and it will be some time before we’re ready for a broader release, but we want to start getting your feedback now! Want to alpha test and give us feedback? Join here!

RemNote Pro and Life-Long-Learner users will get priority access.

  1. 🎉 PDF Revamp / Reading Mode V2 Waitlist - We're totally revamping RemNote's PDF annotation experience! Enjoy a totally redesigned UI, easier highlighting options, a better dark mode, power-user features, notes-on-pdfs, and more.

  2. 🤯 Tables & Databases Waitlist - It’s coming soon. *mic drop*

  3. 🚀“Flashcard Home” Waitlist - We’re adding a new dedicated home for your flashcards, with a central deck list, query decks, an easier “paused” state, new learning stats, easier deck prioritization, optional notifications, personalized learning tips, and more!

  4. 👯‍♂️ Group-Sharing Waitlist - We're making it easier to share RemNote flashcards with groups of peers. For example, you'll be able to create a group for your class, your study group, or your friend group. Flashcards and notes shared to a group can easily be imported into your own knowledge base for studying!

New Alpha Features

  • We have a new faster and more-stable offline database for the web app! You can opt-in to the migration in your settings. We’ve been testing this internally for the past few months, and will migrate all users in the coming weeks. Please consider giving it a try now!


  • PDFs have a brand-new dark mode. Images no longer are inverted!


  • Fixed an issue with sticky headers sticking on random Rem.

  • Cleaned up the Trash UI.

  • Fixed an issue where an “import” button appears on the flashcard queue.

  • Fixed search on the plugin docs

  • More enhancements to the flashcards home