New FeatureBug FixesImprovements


  • NLP Date Search

    • You can now search for dates in the omnibar with natural language. Just type “tuesday” to open the corresponding daily document. (Graduated from RemNote labs.)

  • Copy Popup

    • You can now press Ctrl + C on any Rem, then press Ctrl + V on another Rem to easily copy and paste Rem.

  • “Smoothly Animate the Editor” Labs Setting

    • This feature smoothly animates insertions, removals, and deletes in the editor. We think it makes the RemNote writing experience significantly more pleasant, and will likely enable it by default in the future. Please share feedback here!

      Enable in settings:

  • “Add Folder” option on mobile


  • Added a data-plugin-id target for plugin widgets for more easily theming plugins.


  • We fixed a problem where large code blocks were causing RN to crash quickly

  • We fixed a bug where daily streak numbers weren’t syncing successfully between mobile and desktop sometimes.

  • Clicking on "Find Text References" now correctly scrolls the text references into view.

  • We fixed an issue where it was impossible to close a split pane on mobile.

  • We fixed a problem where RemNote was confusing PDFs and documents with the same name.

  • We fixed an issue with flickering backlinks.

  • Fixed an issue with RemNote crashing on mobile on larger knowledge bases.

  • Fixed the left sidebar padding on mobile.

  • We fixed a bug where the app would close when changing a keyboard shortcut on desktop.