New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Removed the “deck” idea, and unified everything under “Study Priority”. Any documents with flashcards in them can now appear in the Flashcard Home. These documents default to “no priority”.

    • Thanks for the feedback here! If you have more thoughts on this change, please share in Discord.

  • Fixed the issue of the fire icon displaying prematurely before cards have been completed.

Groups Alpha

  • Fixed the issue of sometimes not being able to remove a document from a group.

  • Improved privacy by asking users for consent before publishing rem tagged with the “Super Private” powerup.

  • We now block publishing of empty documents.

  • Enhanced groups by adding web sharing options.

Web Reader Alpha

  • (Only available for reader alpha testers)

  • Fixed the issue where selection did not clear on highlight creation.

Tables Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Fixed the filters for 'Created at' and 'Updated at' fields to work properly.

  • Fixed the cutoff problem on column cell list expand button.

  • Improved the Flashcard Home with various refactors.


  • Fixed the issue of glitchy and flickering image sizes.

  • Improved the highlight of selected items in the rem reference menu.

  • Enhanced the stability of the new database.

  • Fixed the scrolling issue that prevented proper alt up and down navigation.

  • Stale backups on the desktop app are now automatically cleared.

  • Fixed the long press function to open reference popup on mobile.

  • Fixed the issue of bullet point dragging not moving rem up or down on mobile.

  • Improved search performance.