New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

Tables Alpha

  • Tag Lists: Any Rem used as a tag now display those tagged items as if they were children! This provides a second “parent” layer, and we think it makes tagging dramatically more powerful.

  • Collections Page: Any new tables are automatically added to a “Collections” page! Easily view any collections in your knowledge base, and see their instances.

  • “Update Diverged Template” Button: If you edit a Rem’s template, you can now press “Update Diverged Template” to automatically apply changes from the template to the instance. Changes are applied intelligently, so any edits you’ve made to the instance will still look nice.

  • Resolved table reactivity issues when editing rows with another filtered table in view.

New Reading Experience Beta

  • Hovering over references now display the context of the original highlight!

  • Enabled the new PDF reading experience by default for all users!

  • Fixed issues when uploading some Word and Powerpoint files.

  • Fixed missing padding on the upload button

  • Added user-friendly error messages for the Web reader.

  • Made “edit highlight text” enabled by default.

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Improved responsiveness at smaller screen widths.

  • Fixed the issue of the large folder selector button obscuring the edit later button in queue on mobile.


  • Fixed rare crashes with the Flashcard home.

  • Optimized search further.