🎉 RemNote 1.10.0 - The RemNote Reader! 🎉

New Feature

The Reader is the easiest way to read, organize and remember your lecture slide, textbook, research papers, and more.

  • Highlight PDFs, Powerpoint, Word docs, and web pages

  • Annotate and add notes directly on your file

  • Link notes to build your knowledge graph

  • Organize with highlights & tags

  • Learn with flashcards and spaced repetition 

We think it makes active reading (and effective learning) 10x easier.

Learn more about the Reader here!

Here are some of our favorite features:

Upload Word, PowerPoint, PDFs, and More!

  • You can now upload, highlight, and annotate almost any file - including Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and more!

  • Files and highlights automatically sync across your RemNote accounts.

Create and Link PDF Highlights

  • Make highlights in your PDF, then paste references into your notes anywhere in RemNote.

  • Copy a highlight with Ctrl + C, paste with Ctrl + V.

Hover Over PDF Quotes to View Context

  • Hovering over any PDF highlight shows you the surrounding quote information, in context!

Organize and View Your PDF Highlights

  • View an overview of all highlights on the right sidebar.

Tag PDFs to Organize Them

  • Easily apply tags to PDFs to organize them. Tag as “Research Paper”, “high quality”, “read next”, and more!

Automatically Organize & Link Your Notes & Papers

  • Uploading or linking any PDF in RemNote automatically fills out your note's document's title, authors, and keyword metadata. Effortless organization!

Extract Concepts from PDFs

  • Quickly extract concepts from what you're reading with the "Turn into Concept" button. Concepts help you to organize your knowledge across documents.

Paste As a Pin

  • Paste any Rem as a reference, or paste more concisely with a pin! Pins provide a concise referencing option that keeps your screen uncluttered.

Track Your Reading Progress

  • Automatically track your reading progress with the reading progress bar! Document sections and your last reading position are automatically displayed.

Dark Mode

  • No more burning out your eyes! Enable dark mode for low-light note taking or reading. Dark mode works across RemNote - even in PDFs!

  • Enable dark mode by typing mod+/, then "dark"

PDF "Fill In the Blank" Cards

Make "fill in the blank" cards directly from PDF highlights!

  1. Make a highlight

  2. Click its note button

  3. Select any text, and press "fill in the blank"

These cards appear in your global queue, and the relevant page’s flashcard queue.

View All PDFs

  • Find all PDFs in your knowledge base from the "All Notes" page.

Highlight Images in Your PDFs

  • Make highlights of any image in a PDF by holding alt and dragging a box over it.

Organize PDF Notes With Headers

  • Easily organize your notes with headers. Press the "header" button next to any header in your PDF to copy a section into your notes.

Highlight Quickly With "Snap to Highlight"

  • Enable “snap to highlight”, and selecting any characters in a word will highlight the entire word!

Bulk-Edit PDF Highlights

  • Toggle “bullet mode” this from the buttons in the top-right of the PDF Viewer. Then, select multiple Rem and type / to open the omnibar. Bulk-apply highlights, formatting, and more!

Organize Youtube Links

  • Link any YouTube video and have its title automatically filled out in your notes!