RemNote 1.11.1 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcards Home

  • Added a / command to re-show of hidden study buttons.

  • Enhanced the data loading efficiency for specific date ranges on the charts page.

  • Refined the flashcards home icon.

  • Introduced a command to start and stop bidirectional cards.


  • Webpages that you open in the Reader are now cached in the desktop app and can be read offline!

  • Ensured that RemNote article web source links open in a new tab when clicked.

Tables (Alpha)

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Fixed an issue related to column deletion.

  • Improved reliability of sticky columns and headers.

  • Enhanced the accuracy of the 'last updated time' column for better time tracking.


  • Resolved an issue with the alias node popup not closing when pressing the close icon on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where an image node added extra space while resizing.

  • Eliminated the problem of group articles appearing as duplicate entries.

  • Fixed an issue where the slash menu in the flashcard page editor was missing a background.

πŸŽ‰ RemNote 1.11 - The Flashcard Home! πŸŽ‰

New FeatureImprovements

Introducing the Flashcard Home - a centralized home for organizing your studying!

  • Prioritize study documents based on your current goals.

  • Practice directly from any document with the new in-document flashcard button.

  • Visualize learning progress with beautiful new graphs and "card mastery" visualizations.

  • Pause cards in bulk that you're not currently focused on.

  • Schedule more accurately with the "New" and "Stale" spaced-repetition states.

(Or, watch a 14min comprehensive overview here, or a workflow overview here.)

We're building RemNote into the new Anki, with a mission to make spaced repetition mainstream. We want to make every aspect of spaced repetition 10x easier, from creating cards (with notes), to prioritizing cards (with the flashcard home), to the SRS algorithm (ex. with our "stale state"), to the practice experience (with automatic clustering) and more. The new Flashcard Home is our latest step on this journey, and we think it makes learning dramatically easier.

Flashcards Page

Jump Back In

Easily stay on top of your learning projects! The β€œjump back in” widget shows any documents that you've recently practiced.

Document List

The flashcard home features a new central list of all documents that contain flashcards! Quickly jump into focused practice.

”Todays Cards” Summary

Hover over the β€œPractice Today’s Cards” button to get a summary of progress towards today’s goal!


Active & Maintaining Priorities

You can now organize documents into "active", "maintaining", and "no priority" states. Your main queue will show you cards in that order, with "active" first, then "maintaining", then "no priority". Paused cards won't appear at all.

This makes practice feel relevant to your goals. for example, you can mark current-semester classes as "active", mark prior semester ones as "maintaining", and "pause" documents that you don't want to practice any more.

Traditional spaced repetition algorithms become a burden over time, forcing you to endlessly practice cards without an understanding of when knowledge will be useful. Distributed practice is critical for long term mastery, but we want your spaced repetition experience to feel joyful, with each interaction relevant to one of your current goals.

"Paused" Priority

Creating a spaced repetition card should be your first impulse whenever you want to remember something. However, this means you often create cards that aren't relevant for your long term knowledge.

You can now "pause" any document in RemNote to hide its cards from your queue. This can easily be done from any document's flashcards button. Paused cards don't appear in your queue, but have all of their history maintained, so you can easily re-activate them later if you want.

Document-Level Flashcard Queues

"Practice" Button at the Top of Documents

Any document with flashcards now includes a β€œstudy” button at the top. This shows you the total number of cards in the document and the number you need to currently practice. Quickly jump into reviewing!

Fast-Loading Document Queues

We've completely rebuilt RemNote's flashcard backend to ensure that document queues load quickly! Immediately jump into a targeted practice experience for any lecture, class, or learning project.

Document-Level Queues Now Propagate Through Tags & Sources

Want to study from a few documents at the same time? You can now easily do so with sources!

For example, create a new document called β€œBiology Midterm”. Then, add the relevant lecture documents as sources. You'll get a flashcard queue that combines all of these cards.

Additionally, any document with a linked file now automatically includes cards from the linked file! Open the file in the RemNote Reader, create cards directly within your file, and then jump into practicing!

Ancestor Viewer

It's frequently useful to know why a card is appearing in your queue. This can be non-obvious if the Rem is included via a portal, tag, or source. The new Ancestors Viewer shows the full path from any card to its surrounding document. You can also toggle subtrees as enabled/disabled if you no longer want to practice something.

Card States

Mastery States

Quickly see how well you’ve mastered cards in a given deck. As your mastery deepens, the bar will fill up further!

”Stale” State

Inevitably, everyone gets behind on their spaced repetition practice. RemNote now has an automatic β€œstale” state for any cards that are significantly behind their target practice date. These cards are moved into a separate section in your queue. At most 30 stale cards are re-introduced each day. This lets you re-learn them at a steady pace, without having them overwhelm any new material you're trying to learn.

β€œNew” State

When learning new content, you generally don't want an avalanche of new cards in your queue.

Newly created or imported cards now have a β€œNew Card” state. At most 30 of these cards are added to your main queue each day, so that you can prioritize growing your mastery of cards that you're already learning. If you finish your in-progress cards, you'll be prompted to learn more new cards!

Document Prioritization Page

Quick Daily Target Customization

It's now significantly easier to customize your daily target. Jump into your document-prioritization page from the Flashcards Home, then drag the slider to your desired level of mastery.

Document Prioritization Assistant

Use the goal-setting page to see an estimate of the number of cards each document will add to your queue each day over the next month.

Quickly re-prioritize documents into active, maintaining, and no-priority states. Spot large decks that are sucking up your time, and break them down. This helps keep your queue organized and relevant to your learning goals!

Suggested Documents to Prioritize

Prioritizing documents can help ensure that your learning practice stays impactful. We’ll automatically find β€œNo Priority” documents that you might want to practice, and suggest them for you!

Learning Progress Page

Weekly Progress Chart

Consistent spaced-repetition practice is an important part of effective learning. Your study streak & a weekly progress chart are now more-prominently displayed on the Flashcard Home. In testing, we've found this to be super motivating!

Cards Added Over Time Chart

Now you can visually track the number of cards added over time, making your learning progress crystal clear!

Upcoming Cards Chart

Take control of your flashcard flow with the "upcoming cards per day" chart! Spot a gap in upcoming cards? Start creating more!

History Chart

You can now see an overview of all the days you've studied, in a GitHub-style streak graph! How long can you maintain your practice streak?

Document-Level Stats

Open any document on the flashcard home to see document-level stats about the cards in the document!

And More!

There’s a ton of other smaller polish we’ve brought to the flashcard experience as well. We hope you enjoy!

FAQ - Isn't The Point of Spaced Repetition to Keep Practicing All of Your Cards?

It's okay if you decide that some prior flashcards are no longer relevant to you. We currently see a significant number of learners abandoning their main flashcards page entirely, or relying on work-arounds like disabling or deleting entire folders. We get it - life is busy, and it's important that RemNote helps you achieve your current goals, rather than shackling you to prior cards. This is a problem with Spaced Repetition broadly, not just a problem with RemNote. As we aim to make Spaced Repetition mainstream, we want to help you organize your goals and make spaced repetition easier to use.

If you have the time, we still recommend that you leave most cards in the "maintaining" state. Continual active recall practice deepens mastery, can help spark creativity, and will help you re-activate these ideas when you want to apply them in the future. The flashcard page will help you track how much time you're investing in practicing and set learning goals so that you can make informed decisions here.

Just make sure that you’re not pausing everything - spaced repetition only works if you actually practice!


Thank you to all of our Flashcard Home alpha and beta testers for your feedback and input! ❀️ We’re working to build the world’s best SRS tool for you all.

1.10.12 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements


  • Fixed an issue to ensure that clicking "Source to PDF" now opens in Split Mode, not with Default Document.

  • Enhanced mobile experience by showing the HTMLViewer popup at the bottom.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the document menu button to disappear when closing a PDF.

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the priority popup to show without studying cards.

Groups Alpha

  • Fixed issues loading groups on iOS.

Tables Alpha

  • Added a tooltip to help users understand the table cell list density better.


  • Enhance inline & block LaTeX with better wrapping and scrolling on different screen sizes.

1.10.11 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Ask if you want to add a priority when closing a document queue

  • Remove redundant configure button on Deck Page

  • Improve flashcard priority tooltip

Groups Alpha

  • Improve handling of sharing articles from shared KBs

1.10.10 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Improved visibility of study button in editor for documents without β€œno priority”.

  • Refined plugin schedulers to no longer manage reset interactions.

  • Fixed the issue of the parent card's back side sometimes appearing twice on reverse descriptor cards.

  • Fixed a cut-off display on with the Anki importer.

  • Implemented a more intuitive disabled card UI in the flashcard preview.

  • Enhanced the initial selected deck logic in the ancestor view.

  • Removed the ineffective operation of deleting a non-priority deck.


  • Added a confirmation message before deleting a highlight with notes.

Tables Alpha

  • Improved the table text filter performance, preventing it from slowing down and dropping characters.

Groups Alpha

  • Enabled unsharing even if the source rem no longer exists.

  • Restricted sharing to documents only, not random rem in popup.


  • Fixed the issue of the LaTeX node not receiving selection on iPad.

  • Resolved the issue of shifting rem relative causing rem to lose focus on Firefox.

  • Fixed the problem with quote styles appearing on root rem and unwanted nodes.

  • Rectified the issue of attribute remapping not working during Roam import.

  • Fixed the issue with Anki image uploading.

1.10.9 (Beta)

Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Polished the on-document new study button.

  • Removed the "disable descendants" from the document menu. It's still available via slash commands.

  • Optimized nesting to prioritize documents with learning priority whenever possible.

  • Tweaked the interface by removing the "topics" slot and utilizing "sources" instead.


  • Enhanced the web reader menu for a uniform look and feel, also introduced a new "remove" option.

Groups Alpha

  • Enabled sharing Rems, even with empty documents, to boost collaboration.

  • Refurbished the Groups UI for better usability.

  • Resolved an issue that was hindering the proper functioning of links in articles.

  • Corrected a bug that erroneously displayed some links as article links.

Bugfixes & Polish

  • Fixed visual regressions for a smooth user experience.

  • Revamped the look of new folder and document app icons.

  • Rectified popup issues on iOS for a more stable performance.


Bug Fixes

Bugfixes & Enhancements

  • Cleaner in-document study button.

  • Fixed an issue with title retrieval failing if there's a newline within the title tag.

  • Show same web reader menu options on left click and right click.

  • Merge the Flashcard Home’s topics into sources.

  • Nest no priority docs under docs with learning priority if possible.

  • More performance optimizations.

  • Improved mobile view by aligning breadcrumbs to the left.

  • Ensured the document priority dropdown is displayed even when there are no cards.

  • Rectified an issue where PDF heading buttons would go off screen.

  • Fixed the problem with non-inline templates when included in portals.

  • Enhanced the 'View My Groups' section with the addition of an empty state and a list component.


Bug FixesImprovements

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Removed power-ups from the suggested decks list.

  • Ensured that single clozes appear in the correct place in the β€œin-order” queue.

  • Grayed out paused β€œStudy” buttons and added an explanatory tooltip.

  • Resolved an issue causing an unnecessary scrollbar to appear in the deck carousel.

  • Adjusted the initial selected deck based on whether you are in a subqueue or a global queue.

  • Added a flashcard home backlink and made the day cell fire icon appear only if the goal is met on the stats page.

  • Enhanced the "Decks In" dropdown

  • Enabled the delete deck popup to support query decks.

  • Fixed the old stats page to appear for all users.

  • Removed the "take a breath" checkpoint for smoother user experience.

  • Resolved the issue where the merge cloze popup was unable to scroll.

Groups Alpha

  • Resolved the issue with the Edit button.

  • Corrected an issue with groups containing Chinese characters.

  • Fixed an issue where the layout was inaccessible on mobile devices.


  • Fetched webpages are now cached, to ensure their content doesn’t change.

  • Fixed the "copy as plain text" function for Safari users.

  • Ensured the auto-highlight notes popup only appears when no editors are open.

Tables Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Improved the speed of adding a row in the middle of the table.


  • Fixed the quote block card item border extending too far.

  • Enhanced navigation to a Rem in the middle of a document.


New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

Tables & Collections Alpha

  • (Only available for tables alpha testers)

  • Added a "View as table" button for tag lists.

  • Significantly optimized the loading of large tag lists and tables.

  • Fixed misaligned sticky headers during horizontal scroll.

  • Corrected excessive horizontal scrolling in tables.

  • Improved the functionality of query options.

  • Unified all names to "Properties".

  • Ensured compatibility of pre-1.9 templates with tables.

  • Introduced a "view all tags" slash command.

  • Migrated previous tables to collections.

Flashcard Home Beta

  • Fixed inaccurate card counts in the change status popup.

  • Standardized in-app flashcard terminology to "Practice".

Groups Alpha

  • Refined the user email invite flow.

  • Resolved scrolling issues in the groups list.

  • Improved the community publish flow.

  • Fixed missing images in shared document previews on the desktop version.


  • Introduced an image occlusion button directly on PDFs image highlights!

  • Added a dedicated PDF icon in the omnibar and All Notes.

  • Fixed file uploading issues on Electron.


  • Fixed the rare issue of the Windows app uninstalling itself for some users.

  • Corrected occasional issues with slash commands in the document title.


Bug FixesImprovements


  • Fixed an issue with document hover preview not being scrollable.

  • Added a shortcut for easy navigation to the Flashcard Home.

  • Expanded the availability of the Flashcards Home to more users.

  • Ensured that new portals in multi-line cards are incorporated into the card.

  • Restored the 'Automatically Activate Template' option which was missing with Table Alpha enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where empty rem wasn't copied.

  • Optimized the Flashcard Home further for better performance.

  • Fixed hierarchical search functionality to properly search recursively.

  • Disabled the "Rem type" dropdown in table cells and removed unnecessary cursor pointer.

  • Improved the Change Deck Status menu for smoother user experience.

  • Added a β€œmy documents” section to your profile.